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Drilling Management

Avoid costly mistakes, get the right advice before you drill.

Our water bore drilling planning and supervision services have proven to be cost effective. A great variety of costly problems can be encountered when drilling a water bore, including poor siting, drilling too deep or not deep enough, unnecessary screening, poor construction quality.

Many clients engage Geosearch to rectify problems encountered with their water bores after the drilling has been completed. Had they engaged Geosearch before drilling we could have saved them many thousands of dollars, inconvenience and stress.

Geosearch will manage your drilling programme to ensure your bore is drilled, designed and constructed in line with local regulatory guidelines, and drilling Standards.


  • Pre-drilling feasibility studies
  • Prepare drilling contract documents
  • Project supervision
  • Independent quality control on bore design and construction
  • Bore performance testing (water quality and flow)
  • Resource consents
  • Total package

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