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Defensible groundwater supply monitoring ? Baseline water quality sampling.

In an era of increased seismic surveying, oil and gas drilling and developing extraction technologies, Geosearch offers independent, defensible, groundwater monitoring services for anyone concerned about the quality of their water supply.

For property owners who depend on groundwater in areas where seismic surveying and oil and gas drilling activities are imminent, or likely to occur in future, we recommend undertaking a programme of water quality sampling to establish baseline conditions, against which future changes can be assessed.

A single water sample is usually insufficient to characterise groundwater quality because in many situations, natural variations in groundwater chemistry occur seasonally. Baseline water quality characterisation requires a minimum of four samples collected over a twelve month period.

Changes in groundwater quality can also occur as a result of deteriorating structural condition of a well, bore, or pumping equipment and it is important to know the condition of these components in the water supply system at the time of sampling.

Groundwater moves very slowly through ground and depending on the type of aquifer materials, rates of sub-surface flow can be anywhere from 0.1 to 5 m/day, so impacts on groundwater from drilling, blasting and extraction activities can take weeks, months, or in some cases years, to be seen in a well, bore or spring.

Without pre-drilling characterisation of your drinking water, it can be difficult if not impossible to prove the cause of adverse effects on groundwater quality.

Please contact us for more information about how Geosearch can help you establish a legally defensible baseline for your drinking water before seismic surveying and oil and gas drilling operations arrive in your area.

Baseline water quality sampling can be extended to include monitoring of water level in wells and bores, and flow from springs.

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